App Update: Baccarat

Baccarat has been updated to version!

This version includes:
-Improved App Layout:
Buttons should be anchored to the bottom of the screen.
Correct and Incorrect details should be centered in the middle of the screen.
All elements should fit better vertically and horizontally.
-Reset feature has been moved to an icon on the Action Bar and should be accessible to more users.
-The minimum android version has been lowered from 16 to 10.

Google Play:

APP UPDATE: Baccarat

Baccarat has been updated to version 1.2!
This is a big update so please email me at with any bugs or errors.

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This version includes:
-Current and Best Streak
-Help Icon Has Been Added To The Action Bar
-Hit Rules Can Be Accessed From The Help Icon
-When Incorrect The App Should Say Why
-Card Value Below Each Card Image
-Improved Button Layout For Space
-Cards In App Icon Are No Longer Transparent
-Card Images Should Be Larger and Better Spaced

Google Play: has been created to show an example of a user registration system using PHP & MYSQL. Users can sign-up, sign-in, and update their information, but as of yet, there are no actual member features.