Propbox is an easy to use app that calculates your Craps bets with a press of the screen. Enter any dollar amount and press the screen to see what that bet would pay.

Don't be afraid of getting under paid. Propbox can instantly figure even improper bets so you never have to worry about dealer error.

Propbox can also be used as a great learning tool by showing all the Craps keys used to figure the bets.

Propbox is not a Craps simulator or Craps game. It is a tool that can be used to quickly verify real life gaming bets.


Learn Craps Payouts

This app will make you a better Craps player and a better Craps dealer.

Every Bet

Propbox includes every bet on the Craps table. Propbets, Placebets, & Crapless.


Know what your bets will pay. Never be underpaid.


Propbox is available on Google Play,
and the Amazon App Store.